She Helps Women Fund Women

  • By DailyWorth Team
  • November 05, 2012

Natalia Oberti Noguera Natalia Oberti Noguera is the founder and CEO of the Pipeline Fellowship, a six-month bootcamp that trains women philanthropists to become angel investors through investing in real-time, women-led projects.  She is the first in a series of personal profiles about power women and their money. What’s your deepest financial fear?
Needing to take care of my parents before having saved up enough to comfortably do so. What’s your favorite splurge?
Domain names and chocolate truffles. What does “wealth” mean to you?
Wealth makes me think of access.  For example, passing certain net worth thresholds can open up investment opportunities and often makes it easier to be an angel investor. How are women and men different when it comes to money?  
Women entrepreneurs don’t pitch as often as their male peers. I encourage women to step up to the plate, whether it’s asking for capital to fund their startup, or asking for a raise at work. If you won $100,000 and planned to donate it, which cause would you pick?
I would invest the entire amount in women-led, for-profit social ventures. There are great startups looking to do well and do good, whose hybrid business models make it difficult to raise capital from traditional philanthropists and traditional investors. What financial advice would you give your younger self, if you could?
Save more!  
 Own up. What does wealth mean to you?

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