In Case of Emergency

Three in 10 people will need it, but many won’t have it. Do you?

  • By Jocelyn Black Hodes, DailyWorth's Resident Financial Advisor
  • July 11, 2013

Meredith, a former NCAA Division I college swimmer and avid triathlete, seemed perfectly healthy at age 30. But just weeks after giving birth to her first child, she began suffering from headaches so strong they made her cry. Her ultimate diagnosis: a fist-sized malignant brain tumor that is almost always fatal. 

What followed was an aggressive treatment strategy that included three brain surgeries, a seven-week chemotherapy regimen at an out-of-state brain tumor center and more chemotherapy at home. During her treatment, she and her husband couldn’t even think about their bills, let alone how they were going to pay for them. Worse: Meredith was unable to work for a year while she recovered. 

Stories like this don’t usually have a happy ending. But this one’s different.

Meredith was an insurance agent and, after watching her mother battle breast cancer, she decided to buy as much disability, life and long-term care insurance as she could while she was still young and healthy. 

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