Ten 10-Minute Tasks to Turn Your Passion Into Profit

November 25, 2015

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Whether you just need extra money for the holidays or you're eyeing an eventual total shift to working for yourself, you can improve your finances while doing what you love. But I bet you're wondering how to get started…

Here are 10 simple steps that only take ten minutes each. But every one of them will put you a step closer to more cash — and more fun in your work. So, skip the coffee break and start your side hustling now!

Find your niche.

In today’s competitive world, you'll need to set yourself apart to stand out in any market. Focusing on what makes your work special is the way.

Your 10-minute task: Whip out your favorite notes app and list at least 10 ways how what you're offering is different from the boring, old norm (even in the slightest).

Tell the world — or at least one other person.

Letting another person know about your plans will make you accountable, which will make you much more likely to follow through.

Your 10-minute task: Grab your phone and share your news with your best friend, mom, favorite college professor — they’re sure to be delighted and supportive. Good for them, good for you!

Get some advice.

Why not get advice from someone who already knows what they're doing? It'll save you time, money, and frustration in the long run, and they'll be flattered by your ask.

Your 10-minute task: Craft an irresistible email to a local entrepreneur or even your favorite blogger and ask for a few words of wisdom.

Establish yourself online.

Every freelancers needs customers, right? The Internet can be the fastest, easiest, and cheapest way to find them so make sure they can find you there.

Your 10-minute task: Set up accounts on the social media platforms your customers use most and look into other ways to build your brand virtually.

Invest in equipment.

You don't want your stylist cutting your hair with fingernail clippers so don't skimp when it comes to tools for your work.

Your 10-minute task: Download that software or hunt for a deal on a new laptop if it's really what's required for the job.

Go for it!

Whether it's your cousin, your neighbor, or an online shopper, somebody will be your first client. You can start small, but the important thing is to get started.

Your 10-minute task: Make an offer to a friend or family member you think would want your service or product or put your profile on a site like Fivvr or Etsy.

Make time.

Just hoping you’ll find some spare moments to freelance every once in awhile isn’t enough to ensure your success. If you want to make sure you can earn that all-important extra money, you'll need to reserve time to do your projects

Your 10-minute task: Block out time in your calendar to devote to your side hustle every day or at least every week.

Stay current.

To keep your work attractive to clients and be as effective and efficient as you can, you have to be as up-to-date as possible about the area you're planning to freelance in.

Your 10-minute task: Get yourself to Google.com and spend a few minutes rounding up the best blogs to follow, books to read, email lists to join or YouTube channels to watch for your field.

Keep improving.

Having better skills will always give you better chances to earn. Plus, who doesn't love to learn?

Your 10-minute task: Enroll in a class at a community college or, even easier, sign up for an online class so you can do it anytime and anywhere.

Reward yourself.

You've made some serious progress towards your dream — in no time at all! You deserve a treat, and it'll keep you motivated to do more.

Your 10-minute task: Figure out an inexpensive reward for yourself, like lunch with your sweetheart or that delicious handbound journal where you can plan even more side-hustle success for yourself!

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