Your Personal Energy Is Costing You Money

June 17, 2016

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Money and energy go hand-in-hand. Ten years ago, if I’d said this in a room full of people, I would’ve gotten blank stares and then been laughed off the stage. Nowadays, more people are connecting the dots between their thoughts, their energy, and their money.

When I talk about money mindset and energy, it’s usually within the context of your chakras — the ancient Indian belief that describes the seven centers of spiritual power in the human body.

No single chakra is the cause — it does no good to conclude that all of our money blocks are connected to the “official” money chakra, the Root Chakra. That’s not the point. When we step back from scrutinizing the individual chakras for each one’s specific issue and look at the big picture, we discover the real issue: Your energy is costing you money.

How so?

Your energy and your mindset affect how you deal with situations every single day, and how you show up in the world. I often see behaviors that on the surface seem to have nothing to do with money. However, underneath, the mindset is directly influencing money decisions, and sometimes very negatively.

Take me, for example: It’s no secret that I consider myself a recovering codependent. Codependency is about becoming so focused on fulfilling an ideal situation, relationship, or thing that who you are doesn’t even play into your decision-making criteria. You forget what you actually want and value. I wasted a tremendous amount of money, time, and emotion in pursuit of an imagined ideal that could never be fully realized.

I could easily relate this to being disconnected from my heart chakra, because the heart chakra is about (perhaps unspoken) dreams and desires. If I am focused on what other people want and how to make things “perfect” for them, my own stifled energy is contributing to a waste of time and money over things that aren’t even important to me.

It took me a long time to figure that out. Before I was aware of that codependent behavior, I couldn’t see that I was wasting money trying to create an ideal situation for others. I would have told you that was money well spent, even though it was spent on things that weren’t important to me.

If you don’t examine what energy you’re bringing to situations in your life, you’re probably costing yourself.

Money mindset is extremely subtle. It’s rare for someone working with me to instantly see where their energy is blocked. Instead, they come to me with a specific behavior they want to change. Maybe they have a shopping habit, buying and ordering things they don’t even need. Maybe they spend more than they bring in every month, creating a debt cycle. Maybe they hoard their money and won’t even spend it on things they need.

My job is to ask, “What is the energy behind that thought or behavior?”

Again, using me as an example: I used to loan people money or buy them things just because they asked or because I knew they wanted it. Was that a great use of my financial resources? No! But I couldn’t change the behavior until I understood the mindset behind it.

Awareness changes everything. It allows you to discover how you’re responding to a situation, and then to ask yourself, “How can I respond in a way that supports how I want to show up in the world?”

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