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Edit 2/8/17: This campaign has ended.
Final count: 314 books sold, $5,155 to be donated. Thank you to the hundreds of you who purchased, tweeted, amplified, shared, supported, cheered and advocated. On February 17th, Zoë Wild and One Light Global will travel to Belgrade, Serbia with about $20,000 in hand (including ours) to go directly to the warehouses and abandoned train stations where so many refugees, including children traveling alone, are camped. They will see what they need and then go purchase and deliver it. Blankets, food, shoes, feminine and baby supplies, and as she's explained to me, most importantly: love and hope. These people feel forgotten and afraid. I fell asleep last night gripping my own two children, savoring how lucky I am to live in a safe neighborhood, with doors that lock and a heater that works. Extra big thank you to Jen Turrell and Elle Rivera-Satto running admin and operations, Ali Brown, Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin and Jen for your donations (your distribution for remaining balance coming), Gabby Bernstein, and Rhamelle Greene for additional promotion, and Chantelle Adams, Sarah Kaler and Jen Turrell for your bulk orders. This has been one of the most satisfying campaigns I've ever produced and look forward to building more win-win global unity efforts with you again in the near future.


There’s a humanitarian crisis unfolding in Greece and Serbia right now. Refugees stranded there due to European border closings are barely surviving this harsh winter, freezing in abandoned warehouses, train stations and parks. Half of the refugees in Serbia are children, 60% of whom are unaccompanied minors, according to TIME magazine.

Today, my book Worth It ships. The book’s central message is that when women save and invest our money with intention, we’re stronger and better able to care for ourselves and others.

One Light Global
As a board member of One Light Global, a refugee relief organization, I hear regularly from executive director Zoe Wild when crisis escalates. On February 17th, Zoe and team are traveling to Belgrade, Serbia to provide direct relief and supplies.

In that spirit, I want to place a bet in favor of women and humanity.

I am donating $3,000 $10,000 in matches of your Worth It book orders toward refugee relief.

For every copy of Worth It that you purchase TODAY, I will donate the equivalent reciept value to One Light Global for their relief trip in 10 days. 

Edit 2/8: This campaign has ended, but you can still donate to One Light Global or purchase Worth It by Amanda Steinberg:
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Matching donations also provided by:

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FAQs & Fine Print

How do you calculate the donations?
If 100 people buy Worth It today for $19.00 each, I’ll donate $1,900 dollars the following day.

Don’t want to buy the book, but still want to donate to One Light Global directly?
Please do! Donate to One Light Global directly.

What’s Worth It about?
Worth It is a fresh guide to personal finance for women. As CEO of DailyWorth for eight years, I’m intimately familiar with women’s unique struggles around self-worth, family money dynamics, career conflicts, and pressure to spend. Read more about it here.

Are you using a refugee crisis to sell your book?
Yes, and that’s part of the Worth It message. To help others, women must also help themselves by learning how to manage money, not just give all of it away. When we donate our own money without thinking about how we’re also earning, saving and investing for our own futures, we‘re depleting ourselves in the name of selflessness. My book Worth It is a call to change that.

About the Worth It-Relief Campaign 
In much of the Western world, money is a source of freedom and independence. For refugee families fighting sub-zero temperatures, money to buy supplies and firewood is a daily matter of life and death. We invite women everywhere to strengthen your financial confidence while helping families make it through the winter by purchasing Worth It today.

The Worth It-Relief Campaign is a fundraising initiative organized by Amanda Steinberg of, Inc. and Zoe Wild of One Light Global to foster financial prosperity for women and relief for refugees in need. Worth It book orders beginning February 4th, 2017, Amanda Steinberg personally guarantees donations up to $3,000 and commitments made by entrepreneurs Ali Brown, Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin, and Jen Turrell bring the matches to total $10,000. To know if your book purchase is within campaign matching fund limits, please return to this page or to Amanda’s Facebook or Twitter for regular updates. Amanda Steinberg does not guarantee collective matching funds exceeding $10,000, but if book sale receipt tallies before February 7th exceed that aggregate amount, she will make every effort to continue to raise additional matching funds for the Worth It-Relief Campaign through February 7th, 2017.

What is One Light Global? 
One Light Global is a nonprofit humanitarian organization founded by Zoe Wild, based in Sedona, Arizona. Zoe and team are traveling to Belgrade, Serbia on February 17th, 2017 to provide direct relief to refugees. 100% of funds donated via the Worth It Relief Campaign between February 2nd and February 17th, 2017 will be used to purchase supplies needed by refugees once they land in Serbia (purchasing goods there not only limits unnecessary luggage and customs fees but also to supports the local economy).

One Light Global Series Relief Trip, 2017 details 
The OLG team will be on the ground hand delivering food, winter clothing, feminine and baby supplies, and other essentials to the families that are enduring the harsh winter without support. They will also provide educational and healing workshops for children in refugee camps.

Important Corporate Disclosures:
Amanda Steinberg, CEO of Worth Financial Holdings, Inc., (comprised of, Inc. and Worth Financial Management, LLC) is on the board of directors of One Light Global. Zoe Wild, founder and executive director of One Light Global, is a client of Worth Financial Management, LLC. 100% of funds raised through this Worth It-Relief Campaign will go to the direct purchase of supplies for refugees, not One Light Global travel, administrative functions, or team compensation. Amanda Steinberg will post proof of donations and status of books purchases to her Facebook or Twitter for live updates. The information contained herein is not an advertisement for Worth Financial Management, LLC and is not to be considered investment advice.

What’s going on in Serbia and Greece?
Serbia and Greece are facing the harshest winter in years and many refugees risk death from exposure living in flimsy tents, without enough clothing and firewood to make it through. One Light Global is by-stepping the bureaucracies through a direct relief effort to personally deliver supplies to those who need them most.

What happens if this relief trip is cancelled or postponed?
If One Light Global must postpone the trip due to circumstances beyond their control, they will hold the funds for six months until they can reschedule or until they find a like-minded, trusted relief effort already on the ground in Serbia or Greece through which to ensure that all funds are used exactly as they were intended: to purchase supplies needed by refugees.

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