Cut the Cord

  • By Gabrielle Bernstein
  • January 11, 2011

knitted power cord

Do you ever feel funky around certain business associates, whether a boss, colleague or employee?

Don’t dismiss it as silly or “just a bad mood/day.”

Those negative interpersonal dynamics are a form of bad energy. Imagine a power cord connecting you to the other person—but it’s frayed and sending off sparks.

That bad connection can weaken your confidence and performance—which in turn affects your ability to be productive and tap into your own power, and the flow of abundance in life.

In order to clear this entanglement—and free you to be productive, happy and abundant—the energetic cord must be cut.

Get clear. Are you feeling criticized? Dismissed? Taken for granted? Cheated? This is the cord you must sever. Write a contract with this person (don’t share it!), terminating the energetic attachment. Sign it to put the cord-cutting in motion.

 Do a cord-cutting meditation. Envision yourself standing across from the other person, with a cord between you. See in your mind’s eye a sharp sword slicing it in two. Watch the cord fall to the ground. Inhale through your nose; exhale through your mouth. 

Take these steps whenever you feel affected by someone’s negative energy. Releasing negative connections will change your business relationships forever, and clear space to receive infinite abundance.

Energy break. Which cords would you like to cut?

Gabrielle Bernstein is DailyWorth's resident self-worth expert, motivational guru and author of Add More ~ing To Your Life.

photo source: KnitKnit's shop on etsy

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