I am not entitled. I am not entitled.

I started DailyWorth for very selfish reasons. I want to be wealthy -- wealthy on all levels -- financially and spiritually, mostly (I know, guru friends -- spiritual wealth has no relationship to financial wealth, but that's for another blog post).

Let's discuss the financial wealth bit here. I seem to have a number of self-defeating habits that keep me from obtaining wealth. Let's list them:

  1. Feel 100% entitled to buy things I can't afford
  2. Don't make saving a priority (I mean, what's fun about saving money?)
  3. Love buying new clothes, or really new anything for that matter
  4. Am allergic to words like "budget" and "restriction"
  5. Enjoy takeout food -- don't like cooking all that much

And, there are far more horrifying habits that I am not going to reveal here, but will share anonymously once the forum launches. Fortunately, I make a decent salary. Unfortunately, I also make really unconscious spending decisions, and am worse off than many friends who make half of what I do.

Since launching DailyWorth, I've been staring at myself in the mirror. "Ok, Amanda, if you care about DailyWorth and making a real impact on your financial health and on the lives of women like you, you have to subject yourself to the real work of change. Stop talking and start working."

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