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I Need My Kids to Go Back to School So I Can Work

3823 i can t work when my kids are on summer break 1
Last week, my Facebook feed began to overflow with adorable snapshots of smiling children sporting freshly combed hair, new clothes, and... Read Now

My Husband and I Are Full-Time Freelancers — and Full-Time Parents

3785 how to raise kids and be a freelancer 1
I was still six years away from having kids when I left my job as the assistant director of a social service agency in 2003. In fact,... Read Now

Thinking About a Baby? 8 Ways to Get Your Finances Ready

3792 8 ways to prepare your finances for a baby 1
Newborns don’t just come with that adorable new-baby smell and impossibly tiny toes — they also carry a hefty price tag. One of the most... Read Now

My Pregnancy Cost Me My Job

3778 i was fired from family circle while pregnant 1
In 1997 I was a naive, but extremely efficient, 25-year-old assistant production editor at Family Circle magazine in New York City. I was... Read Now