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I Grew Up Poor, and I’m Not Ashamed

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When I was young, my situation didn’t feel that different from other people’s. We lived in a house in the ’burbs, with a backyard and a... Read Now

I Learned How NOT to Handle Money From My Dad

3697 i learned how not to handle money from my dad 1
For my bat mitzvah, my dad gave me a check for a thousand dollars, a gigantic sum for a suburban teen in the ’80s. It was extravagant,... Read Now

Daughters of Working Mothers Earn 23 Percent More

3669 working mothers give daughters career edge 1
Call it the working mother effect. When a woman works outside of the home before her children are 14 years old, she improves her... Read Now

Why Stay-at-Home Parents Need a Postnup

3599 reasons to get a postnup 1
Financial advisor Jeffrey Landers once counseled a doctor who gave up her career to raise five children. After 15 years out of the... Read Now