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12 Successful Women Honor Their Moms

3544 successful women on how their mothers shaped them 1 2
Despite our fervent efforts to avoid turning into our mothers, we all carry parts of the women who made us. Mothers can serve as... Read Now

How I Maintained My Financial Dignity as a Stay-at-Home Mom

3524 i maintained my financial dignity as a stay at home mom 1
I’ve been handling my own money since age 14, when I got my first job as a shampoo girl at a hair salon. I could buy whatever I wanted... Read Now

Why I’m Glad I Got Pregnant at 40

3507 why i m glad i m an older mom 1
I’m proud I got pregnant at 40. Yes I was the oldest mom in the playground when my son was a toddler and now I’m the oldest one at... Read Now

Why I Paid My Son to Learn

3474 should you pay kids to do homework 1 3
Last week, my son returned from visiting a school he may attend next fall and said, “Mom, they all know multiplication and I don’t.”   I... Read Now