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How to Parent Equally When You Both Work Full-Time

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When I was pregnant, I ran into an acquaintance who asked whether I would continue to teach classes after the baby’s birth. “Of course,”... Read Now

I Wish I Was a Part-Time Mom

3378 the benefits of having joint custody 1
My fiancé has his two children 50 percent of the time, while I have my daughter all the time. I am constantly telling him how lucky he... Read Now

Opting Out Is Not Always a Choice

3364 i quit my career to take care of my child 1
“Mrs. Krug, as I’m sure you know, your son has had a traumatic injury to his brain. This can affect him in many ways…” The genetics... Read Now

Who Can Afford Attachment Parenting?

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My neighborhood is teeming with attached babies. They’re peeking out from elaborate wraps swaddled on backs and snuggled down in pouches... Read Now