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How Birth Order Predicts Your Success

3332 how birth order affects you 1
Thank (or blame) your parents for more than your eye color or double-jointed elbows. Psychologists pretty much agree that our birth... Read Now

How to Create Equality in Your Relationship

3328 how to have an equal relationship 1
Sure, we like flowers and jewelry just fine, but you know what would be really romantic this Valentine’s Day? A truly equal partnership.... Read Now

The Surprise Costs of Getting Pregnant

3318 the cost of fertility drugs in vitro artificial insemination 1 2
With all the talk about how expensive it is to have a kid ($241,080 for the average U.S. family), many women don’t realize how much... Read Now

Why I Never Wanted Kids

3288 child free by choice why i don t want kids 1
I’ve never wanted kids. I like to joke that I am “more of a dog person,” but when it comes to children the truth is plain and simple: I... Read Now