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Why I Signed a Prenup (and You Should Too)

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I was a teenager when I first heard the term “prenuptial agreement.” I asked my cousin what it meant, and she told me it was something a... Read Now

Why Stay-at-Home Parenting Just Isn’t Worth It

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With just three months left until we welcome our first child, my husband and I have naturally been discussing how to best manage our... Read Now

What I've Learned as a Part-Time Single Parent

Daughter playing while mom unloads dishwasher
It’s Saturday night, and I’m looking at the spattering of rice on the floor after a dinner of Indian takeout. I just finished Skyping... Read Now

How I Got Over My Working Mom Complex

Working mom complex web
Freud did a nice job of spelling out our hangups about sex. According to his Madonna-whore complex theory, men enjoy sleeping with... Read Now