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My Mom Racked Up Tons of Debt in My Name — and Ruined My Credit

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I had a very challenging upbringing. My parents got married very young, and they have been divorced since I was six months old. My mother... Read Now

15 FAFSA Terms Every Parent Should Know

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Families who are saving for college have an average of $10,040 set aside for higher education. But the cost of a four-year public... Read Now

How to Raise Rich (but Not Spoiled) Kids

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My parents didn’t get me a car when I got my license; they insisted I buy one with the paychecks I earned from my part-time jobs. When... Read Now

How to Keep Your Career Going When You Take a Few Years Off

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In an era in which job hopping is the new norm, it can be helpful to think of your career as separate from, and more important than,... Read Now