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9 Famous Women Speak Out Against Motherhood Pressures

4273 celebrities speak out on motherhood thumb
Women face an undue amount of pressure and judgment when it comes to motherhood — the choice of whether to have kids, when and how to... Read Now

Parents, You Need to Put Your Retirement Savings First

4277 why you should save for your retirement before you save for college thumb
It’s natural for many parents to put their children’s needs ahead of their own — especially given our culture’s premium on sacrificing... Read Now

The Case Against Modern Parenting

4255 rejecting expectations of modern parenting thumb
Ten years ago, when I was pregnant with my oldest child, I accepted a job that started just four weeks after my due date. This turned... Read Now

Defining My Own American Dream

4235 i had to make my own american dream thumb
“What are you going to do? Open an English store?” I bristled at my dentist’s response to finding out I was an English major. I sat in... Read Now