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How Paying for Child Care Could Earn You Millions

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  Child care in the United States is seriously costing families. For something that’s fundamental to the 90 percent American adults who... Read Now

Think Federally Funded Child Care Wouldn’t Work? We Did It in the 1940s

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  It sounds like a fairy tale: Once upon a time, we had government-subsidized child care in the United States. But it’s not fiction at... Read Now

6 Successful Women on Designing Their Own Maternity Leave

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You can spend hours researching cribs, breastfeeding methods, and sleep training tips. But no matter how much prep work you do, nothing... Read Now

8 Shocking Facts About the Cost of Child Care

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  When companies don’t offer paid leave (and even when they do), most new parents are left to decide between going back to work and... Read Now