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What Nobody Ever Tells You About Paternity Leave

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  Regardless of societal progress toward gender equality (like women on the rise as primary breadwinners), lack of paternity leave in... Read Now

4 Reasons My Job Makes Me a Better Mother

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Recently, I was on vacation and got to catch up with an old friend. We hadn’t seen each other in a few years, and over the weekend it... Read Now

What Maternity Leave Looks Like When You Run Your Own Business

3857 how entrepreneurs take maternity leave 1
When it comes to maternity leave, American women are afforded far less than our counterparts in Sweden, the U.K., and many other... Read Now

How the 'Mommy Penalty' Affects Your Paycheck

3834 how the mommy penalty affects the wage gap 1
In more than two dozen fields, women actually out-earn their male colleagues when they first leave college, but that advantage completely... Read Now