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10 Fast Facts on the Real Joy Mangano

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Inventor and cult Home Shopping Network icon Joy Mangano is having a good year: Her line of home cleaning and organizational products... Read Now

10 Fast Facts About Carly Fiorina, the Former HP CEO Running For President

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Carly Fiorina has announced her bid for the 2016 presidential race as a Republican hopeful. The former tech CEO (including a six year... Read Now

10 Fast Facts on Marilyn Mosby, the Youngest Prosecutor in a Major U.S. City

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Marilyn Mosby is the new national face of justice. As the state’s attorney for the city of Baltimore, Maryland, Marilyn announced... Read Now

10 Fast Facts About Ginni Rometty, the First Female CEO of IBM

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Ginni Rometty — or Virginia Marie Rometty — is a force to be reckoned with. A corporate triple threat, Ginni is the current chairman,... Read Now