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Think Federally Funded Child Care Wouldn’t Work? We Did It in the 1940s

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  It sounds like a fairy tale: Once upon a time, we had government-subsidized child care in the United States. But it’s not fiction at... Read Now

What Nobody Ever Tells You About Paternity Leave

3871 8 reasons we need paternity leave thumb 3
  Regardless of societal progress toward gender equality (like women on the rise as primary breadwinners), lack of paternity leave in... Read Now

Can Polka Dots Be Professional? (Yes)

3850 5 ways to wear polka dots at work 1
Contrary to popular opinion, polka dots are perhaps the safest of the print family, especially when it comes to your professional... Read Now

Let’s Stop Calling Women “Girls”

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Office culture is often such an intimate microcosm that colloquial shorthands like nicknames, acronyms, and references to inside jokes... Read Now