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Americans Spend More Time Shopping Than Socializing

3750 americans spend more time buying things than socializing 1
Americans spend 42 minutes each day on average spending money. And the amount of time spent “socializing and communicating”? Just 35... Read Now

6 Outrageous Credit Card Fees You Shouldn’t Have To Pay

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Credit card companies are taking a page from the airlines' playbook — and piling on outrageous fees for some account holders. The average... Read Now

Get Over Your Fear Of Investing — Even In A Bad Market

3725 how to get over your fear of investing 1
In a recent interview with a potential client, I noticed that all of her investible assets were in cash. When I asked for the reason... Read Now

What Billionaires Know That We Don't

3706 the secrets to being a billionaire 1
So you want to be a billionaire, not just a millionaire? Getty Images/iStockphoto Odds are, you need these three personality traits to... Read Now