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10 Maternity Leave Myths — What You Don’t Know Can Hurt

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This week, the Supreme Court heard the case of Peggy Young, who says she was forced into unpaid leave from her UPS job in 2006 — because... Read Now

10 Countries With Better Maternity Leave Than the U.S.

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Fact: The United States is the only developed country without paid maternity leave, an embarrassing and devastating reality that... Read Now

Why I Didn’t Tell My Clients I Was Taking Maternity Leave

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Nine days after my c-section, I took on a new client. In the final days of my pregnancy — in excruciating pain from my ribs being pushed... Read Now

CEO of YouTube Taking Fifth Maternity Leave, Some of Us Barely Get One

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The fact that Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube, is pregnant with her fifth child speaks volumes about the ability to balance a high-level... Read Now