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A Big Break for Boomer Start-Ups

Content demo awards cermony
DEMO Awards Ceremony The start-up world may be dominated by 20-somethings—but if you’re a Boomer in the tech space (or a techie in the... Read Now

Your Future as a Free Agent

Woman w laptop on couch
When I look at the DailyWorth team, one thing stands out: Everyone has at least one other job. I still run my Web agency, Soapbxx. MP... Read Now

Negotiating Secrets of Female CEOs

Womans guide book
As numerous studies have shown, most women would rather go shopping naked than engage in any sort of negotiation—whether for a job, a... Read Now

Can You End Unequal Pay?

To look at the data on women's earning power—it's still 77 cents, on average, for every dollar men earn—you wouldn't know there was a... Read Now