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Amanda's Money Coma, Part I of II

Amanda 08
As the founder of DailyWorth, I have a responsibility to be on top of my financial game. Like many entrepreneurs, I'm obsessive about... Read Now

When Bankruptcy is the Right Choice

Dw rain
Bankruptcy still has that whiff of shame and failure, but in some cases it's the best possible move under the circumstances. The... Read Now

Self-Employed Retirement Magic

Dw invest
It's much harder to save when you're self-employed. Nobody in HR is going to coax you out for a power point, some coffee and a few... Read Now

A 401k No-No

Dw balloons
Dear DailyWorth, I recently heard that a co-worker used some of his 401k money to pay off a credit card. I am 27, and have $11,000 in... Read Now